Chiropractic Activator: A Safe Alternative Used by St Paul Chiropractors

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St Paul Minnesota takes pride in its numerous nature and amusement parks, zoos, and museums where residents and tourists can have fun when they visit this state’s capital city. All that action and adventure, however, can put you at risk for injuries; it’s possible that you will hurt your back or twist your arms. When this happens, a visit to a chiropractor would be in order. Using non-traditional tools, licensed St Paul chiropractors can treat injuries in the musculoskeletal system to allow you to enjoy the rest of your vacation. Here is some information on one of such tools commonly used by chiropractors—the activator.

What it is

Many chiropractors like those from Capitol Health Center use activators to adjust or realign a patient’s bones. This equipment is an alternative to hand manipulation, a manual chiropractic technique for the spine and extremity joints. An activator looks like a big metal syringe with a blunt end.

The problem

When a chiropractor does physical manipulation on your body, chances are that you will have to keep shifting positions. This is necessary for your chiropractor to properly apply pressure on the misaligned area of the spine or joint. However, with the constant movement, your muscles cannot relax and tend to stiffen and strain.

The solution

With an activator, the muscles can relax because you’ll have the entire treatment while in a prone position. Its “pogo stick” design allows pressure to be evenly applied in commonly misaligned joints in the shoulders, ankles, knees, and wrist. Just make sure that your chiropractor is trained and certified to do this technique.

How it is used

To operate the activator, the chiropractor sets the blunt tip against the specific area in the patient’s back that needs manipulation. He will then adjust the angle to appropriately apply pressure by compressing his hands. This action delivers a gentle, precisely-pressurized thrust to put back the bones in place. Ask your certified chiropractors in St Paul about the activator as an alternative or supplementary chiropractic technique. With thirty five years of research and testing to prove its effectiveness, it’s now considered as one of the safest means of spine adjustment. Why not give it a try?

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